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My name is Izzy Acheson and I am a yoga teacher and student in San Marcos, TX. I completed a 200-hr Hatha YTT intensive at the White Lotus Foundation in 2014 and have been teaching since. I began practicing Yoga with the goal to straighten my spine, but after about a year of practice my goal became to love my spine, and later, to let my spine get hugged a little more often. Originally from Upstate New York, I decided in 2015 to trade the snow shovels and 4 PM sunsets for big skies and extended river time. Since then, I have fallen in love with the inspiring community in San Marcos/Austin and its ability to progress through connection.

I am passionate about psychology and philosophy, as well as yoga, nature, and dance. I have a close relationship with the sun despite it being long distance, and enjoy early mornings and late nights more than I recommend anybody try to.

I created Hugs and Hatha in hopes of extending the wonderful community I have experienced and sharing what I continue to learn on a day to day basis. On here you can access my personal thoughts and feelings (blogs), weekly classes I teach as well as special events, and photos and videos of things I consider beautiful or worth discussing. 

Read, ponder, attend, contact and above all, ENJOY!

I am here for you as much as I am here for me. 

For more information on blog subjects, scheduling, or anything at all, feel free to contact me!


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