• Izzy Acheson

Ahimsa; Satya

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Ahimsa: Nonviolence (physical, emotional, mental) toward others or the self.

Satya: Truthfulness, both honesty and not harming with our word.

Insecurity often breeds distrust in the world and in one another.

This is something I have found in my personal experience and experience with others. When we are afraid of losing something or someone, or of having some insecurity of ours "exposed" to the world for everyone to find out, we often attack what/whom we see as a possible threat. 

Who very regularly gets attacked, though? 

Those who are the nicest to us and often the very least threatening - as if we would rather see them as a threat or have them see us as a threat, than as a potential connection, and god forbid a person to open up to or share a part of our lives with. For some wild reason the latter becomes more frightening than the former.

If we are to practice the Yama, "Satya," and be honest with ourselves, we should acknowledge that many people we know are nice people and nice people don't just go around hurting each other; not intentionally anyway. 

I've tried to come up with a deeper, more "intellectual," or really just complicated way of soothing my insecurities, but I can't hear it in any other way yet and I guess there's no good reason to.

Nice people just don't go around hurting each other. So we practice seeing this.

Noticing when we are rounding the troops and putting our guards up, and when we attack unnecessarily.

Noticing when we allow people to be how they are; how that is a hell of a lot easier when we are allowing ourselves to be who we are.


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