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Life is...

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

Life is so beautiful. 

It’s funny to me that people use that sentence to describe life when things are good, as if something beautiful has to only be “good” - or has to be any certain way at all. 

It’s all subjective, right?

Life is as beautiful as you make it?

I don’t know - I don’t believe that we can force anything into beauty. 

Life is as beautiful as you are? - your insides, I mean. Like your brain and cerebrospinal fluid. 


Life is really something? 


I don’t know! I don’t know. 

I am a young grasshopper and life is large. 

What I know after this weekend, and however many I’ve had before it - is that sometimes I see life through a magnifying glass, and simultaneously a telescope. 

And through both lenses, all I see (in the words of Brene Brown and my Environmental Ethics teacher, on humans & nature) is inextricable connection. 

That’s all there is.

What we want to be connected to? 

What/who we feel deserves to experience that connection?

Details…. That we too often allow to fog our lenses. 

As I’ve said before, my glasses aren’t rose colored, they’re just clean. 

I mean it. 

I see you guys, I hear you guys, I hug you guys, and I want to celebrate each of those things (as they are.) 

And when I forget how beautiful you look and sound, and how nice those hugs feel, stick me in the river so I can remember. 

The truth - to me - is that life is always beautiful, but it takes the moments we’re most present to remind us. We just have to be reminded. A practice, just like anything else. Like everything else.

Life is so beautiful.

This is your reminder. 

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